WITS has developed a series of well-defined products and packaged services that are designed to be implemented quickly and at a fixed cost. These products and packages are delivered with the idea of providing a working solution as a “Proof of Concept” or can be implemented “out-of-the-box” with additional functionality into a more sophisticated production system.

WITS Products and Customized Packages Benefits:

  • Immediate Value Recognition
  • Rapid Implementation Times
  • The Solution is Yours and Scalable
  • SAP Investment is Leveraged
  • Cost Effective

WITS is proud to offer you this smart tool targeted at banking industry. Currency converter facilitates the conversion of data from Excel spread sheets to the BAI or Multi Cash format. For most of the ERP users, it is easy to dump the data from their ERP applications to an Excel spread sheet. Corporate customers of the bank, will use this tool to convert their data into BAI or multi cash and upload the data into their bank accounts.