your end-to-end data warehousing and business intelligence solutions include:

  • Assessment
  • Information strategy
  • Business case
  • Design and architecture
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Rollout
  • Project management
  • Client education

We work with you to develop a detailed strategy that links your data management solutions to concrete business objectives and back it up with detailed project plans that guide the development of those systems, including data integration processes, data warehousing, data delivery and analytic applications, and meta data.

  • Solutions built using parallel and scalable technologies to fully leverage the underlying hardware and software,  reducing run times by factors of 10, 20, 30, or more
  • Flexible, scalable architectures that easily grow and change as your business needs evolve
  • Reusable architectures that reduce cost and time involved in future development efforts
  • Robust solutions that handle extreme volumes of data, manage complex data interactions, provide 24/7 availability, deliver real-time data, and enable direct user access

Whiz IT Solutions understands what it takes to ensure successful relationships and successful projects. We provide highly experienced teams of consultants and do everything possible to keep the core team intact throughout the project.

Taking joint responsibility for project success, our teams work side by side with client teams in a seamless integration of resources. In our delivery approach, we employ ‘proven methodologies’ to deliver scalable solutions with rapid return on our clients' investments. Placing a special emphasis on knowledge transfer, we ensure your team is fully trained in the solution and is able to operate and enhance the system going forward.