WITS has developed a series of well-defined products and packaged services that are designed to be implemented quickly and at a fixed cost. These products and packages are delivered with the idea of providing a working solution as a “Proof of Concept” or can be implemented “out-of-the-box” with additional functionality into a more sophisticated production system.

WITS Products and Customized Packages Benefits:

  • Immediate Value Recognition
  • Rapid Implementation Times
  • The Solution is Yours and Scalable
  • SAP Investment is Leveraged
  • Cost Effective

WITS bring you this user-friendly tool which generates Financial Statements such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Trial Balance. This reporting tool is capable of reporting simultaneously at two different levels – Corporate and local statutory (as required by Multinational companies).  In addition to this functionality, our tool provides the functionality of generating report for books (SEC) and as well as for taxes (IRS). It can be used to display General Ledger opening balances, plus or minus activities during a day, month, quarter, year and the closing balance. It also has the provision to handle transactions and reporting in multiple currencies either by local currency or by group currency for consolidations.