Whiz IT Solutions works closely with your organization to provide the full spectrum of planning and technology services, including network, performance and security architecture services.

Our services improves your network reliability, performance, scalability, and security in order to better support the demands placed on it by today's dynamic business requirements. We offer our strong network systems and telecommunications expertise gained by many years of working with the nation's most successful companies.

 Advanced Networking Technologies

  • Virtual Private Networks: IPsec, SSL, SSH Tunnelinh
  • Internetworking: Cisco IOS Rouitng Platform
  • Wide Area Networking: ATM, Frame Relay
  • Local Area Networking, Content Switching, Wireless
  • Access and Transport: SONET, T1/T3, Cable (DOCSIS), xDSL
  • Traffic and Usage Accountability
  • Network Management Systems
  • Operation Support Systems

Security Technologies

  • Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems: SonicWall, CheckPoint and Cisco SAFE
  • eCommerce and ebusiness Security Policy Advisory and Venerability Assessments