Whiz IT Solutions provide a complete suite of SAP implementation services to our clients including:

Procurement and Logistics
Product Development and Manufacturing
Sales and Services
Human Capital Management
Business Intelligence
Data Integration

The SAP ERP Financials solution is a comprehensive financial management solution engineered for the most complex, multinational companies across a broad range of industries. A seamlessly integrated solution, SAP ERP Financials combines core accounting and reporting capabilities with financial supply chain, treasury, compliance, and performance management applications.

SAP ERP Financials simultaneously supports global financial reporting standards and multiple currencies. Supporting a broad range of industry-specific processes, SAP ERP Financial's scalable and open architecture can help extend your existing financial system investments. You can transform your finance organization into a strategic business partner – one that provides critical business insight and helps drive higher performance and increased shareholder value.

Procurement and Logistics
SAP ERP Operations delivers features and functions that help you manage these business processes:

Perform the complete procure-to-pay process, including requisitioning, purchase-order management, and invoice verification. Manage catalog content and enable employee self-service procurement of material and services. Integrate all business partners, including designers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. Collaborate efficiently with suppliers on product development, purchase-order management, invoice processing, and payment management.

Inventory and warehouse management
ecord and track the quantity and value of all materials, perform physical inventory, and optimize all warehouse resources. Plan, enter, and document warehouse-internal stock movements by

managing goods receipts, goods issues, storage, picking and packing, physical stock transfers, and transfer postings. Manage workload planning, wave picking and order consolidation, radio frequency and barcode scanning, handling-unit management, cross-docking, and real-time monitoring of all activities.

 Inbound and outbound logistics
Facilitate the movement of incoming and outgoing physical goods, including logistics involving multiple manufacturers and customers. Support inbound processing with capabilities to monitor the receipt of goods, track external demand, handle advanced shipping notifications, and manage in-yard activities. Operate outbound processes, including posting goods issues, monitoring delivery and distribution activities, and documenting proof of delivery.

Transportation management
Create optimized transportation plans, execute plans, and monitor shipments to deliver products on time and on budget. Apply flexible options for consolidating deliveries and orders into shipments, including rule-based automation, manual consolidation, and collaborative order combination through the Internet. Manage the multiple processes and reports required for foreign trade.

Product Development and Manufacturing
SAP ERP Operations delivers features and functions that help you manage the following business activities:

Production planning
Support a wide variety of basic strategies for production planning and execution. Optimally plan, schedule, and sequence production on the factory floor to deliver promised orders.

Manufacturing execution
Support the capture of actual production information from the shop floor, providing visibility and transparency across all shop-floor processes. Perform production plans by managing production processes and deploying workers and other resources on the shop floor. Document, monitor, and dispatch inventory during the entire production life cycle.

Sales and Services
SAP ERP Operations delivers features and functions to help you support the following business activities:

Sales order management
Manage the complete sales order management process, including handling inquiries, quotations, order generation and processing, as well as contract and billing-cycle management. Use the e-commerce platform in SAP ERP Operations to help you rapidly turn the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel. Develop effective incentive programs, including sales and brokerage commissions, profit sharing, and bonuses.

Aftermarket sales and service
Address the basic requirements for customer support, such as the management of installations, service contracts, warranties, service requests, and orders. Manage all aspects of service-order processing within the service organization, from responding to the customer's initial inquiry to confirmation and billing.

Professional-service delivery
Manage all aspects of service delivery, including tracking activities, recording time spent on services, and analyzing profitability.

Human Capital Management
The SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution is a complete and integrated human capital management solution that delivers unmatched global capability. SAP ERP HCM gives organizations in all industries worldwide the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people. The solution equips executives, HR professionals, and line managers to hire the best talent, as well as train and cultivate the skills of their workforce.

Using one unified software suite for all talent management processes, your organization can more readily understand where your workforce's talents lie – and align the goals of your employees with your organization's overarching business strategy. Using real-time insight into the workforce, your organization can benefit fully from human-capital strategies and programs – and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line.

Automation of all core human resource processes, such as employee administration, payroll, and legal reporting, increases efficiency and supports compliance with changing global and local regulations.

Business Intelligence
One of the biggest obstacles to fulfilling business expectations is the failure to empower employees with the information and tools they need to make decisions that best advance the bottom line. You need to guarantee each worker access to the right information, at the right time, from whatever source, and provide them with the appropriate interfaces to work with this information and make decisions.

With the Enterprise Query, Reporting, and Analysis package from SAP and Business Objects, you can bridge the islands of information that disparate systems tend to create. This package helps all your employees navigate critical paths through your business data by enabling secure access to all SAP and non-SAP information, whether structured or unstructured. Its highly relevant search results and suggested actions reflect an employee's role in the business and honor the business context of the search query.

The Enterprise Query, Reporting, and Analysis package will help your company achieve:

Increased return on investment – Shorten your time to value by providing decision makers with access to any source of data, and leverage your current investment across your back-office applications for future requirements and increasing your return on expenditures.

Greater productivity – Help employees answer their questions quickly through industry-standard, personalized reporting, so that they can make timely and intelligent choices and business decisions.

Lower costs – Address the varying needs of your diverse constituents with minimal use of precious – and expensive – technical resources, and forge stronger relationships with partners and other external stakeholders and empower all participants to answer their own business questions without adding to your IT costs.

Powerful collaboration – Give all your employees the best lens for viewing the impact of decisions beyond the confines of their organizational boundaries, as well as the tools to engage other stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Better business insight – Provide access to all relevant information (including back-office applications, ad hoc reports, and local desktop applications), and transform data exploration from a mundane task to an engaging experience that can inspire creative thinking.

Increased reporting efficiency – Standardize on easily scalable, well-structured, and professionally presented reporting throughout the enterprise, minimizing the burden of collating multiple reports and correcting inconsistencies and errors introduced in manual data consolidation.

Data Integration
SAP and Business Objects offer enterprise-class software for managing data integration and data quality to help you build an agile and trustworthy data foundation, underpinning any type of business or IT initiative, such as an ERP application roll-out, business intelligence, data warehousing, or data migration. Data integration and data quality management software from SAP and Business Objects enables world-class enterprise information management in both SAP and non-SAP software environments. You can access, profile, integrate, transform, cleanse, improve, and move any type of data (structured or unstructured), anywhere and anytime.

Our SAP practice can optimize information throughout your organization's end to end business processes. We encourage continuous training and extend remote log on facility to our consultants to enhance their skills and be compatible with the market requirements.